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Project Confrontation is a 3rd person intense, online, tactical, shooter game, being developed as a passion project on the Unity Engine. The inspiration for the game came from Socom Confrontation, but will not be a clone, or exact copy of Socom Confrontation. The goal is to simply make a game that uses some of the best mechanics of Socom, and attempt to improve/add to them and find our own identity to separate us from the series.

Project Confrontation focuses on online play where teamwork is essential to success in the game. We are aiming to be a esport competitive style shooter game across every platform from console to PC. With no specific release date at this point, our goal is for a end of 2017 Alpha release(this could change).

Project Confrontation will consist of two teams 8vs8 per game max, a SEAL team and Terrorist team, no larger then 300m size maps, for unique CQC and snipe offs, round based, one life per round matches, ranked/unranked and custom rooms.

You will be able to customize your character(available at a later time, near completion of the game) from pre-defined items, this includes light, medium and heavy armour looks(encumbrance not decided on at this time), camouflage and weapon attachments such as scopes, suppressors, front grips, bipods ect and two weapon slots for grenades, proximity mines, smoke grenades and extra ammo. Proximity chat: where the enemy can hear the player’s team conversations if they are nearby will be added as well as a push to talk mic system.

Features/content will consist of(WIP):

    • Full support plug and play DS4 controller(PC)
    • Day and night options
    • Jump to climb
    • Dive to prone
    • Ladder climb
    • Prone roll
    • Lean, crouch, prone
    • Sprinting, walking, jumping
    • Taunting, custom, pre-set
    • Footsteps
    • Sounds(weapons, hit detection, movement)
    • Choose between classic view or the over-the-shoulder view(as an option)
    • more to come

A couple W.I.P animation GIF’s below so far we have Jump to climb, Prone roll, Ladder climb and Dive to prone…

Jump 2 Climb

Prone Roll

Ladder Climb

Dive 2 Prone

Game Modes:

  1. Suppression  The team which has the most people alive after a round is over wins the round.
  2. Elimination  One team needs to kill everyone in the opposing team in order to win, or else the round is a draw.
  3. Extraction  The SEALS will need to save hostages captured by the Terrorist and extract them while the Terrorist need to do all they can to defend the hostages.
  4. Escort  A set of VIPs that spawn with the SEALS will need to be escorted by them from one point to another. During this escort, the Terrorist are going to try and kill the VIPs, so the SEALS need to prevent that from happening.
  5. Demolition  The SEALS/Terrorist will need to take a centrally located bomb and plant it in the Terrorist/SEALS base while the SEALS/Terrorist need to stop this from happening.
  6. Control  A set of control points will need to be captured by each side. Whichever side has the most control points captured by the end of the round wins.
  7. Breach  Using C4 charges, SEALS will need to blow a set of gates/walls in order to breach enemy territory. Once this is done, a bomb that the SEALS have with them will need to be planted in order to fully destroy the Terrorist stronghold. Also, breach can be used with the same scenario for extraction as well.
  8. Respawn – Usually pertains to lengthy, warm up matches with any amount of time and rounds. Once you are killed, you will respawn in random respawn areas within the map.

Lobby System:

  • Players will be able to choose the games they want to play instead of a matchmaking system doing it for them. Games in the lobby system are divided by briefing rooms.



  • Recruit others, or be recruited, into a top unit formed from free agents or friends you have served with before.
  • Whether you are a Squad leader, or a soldier taking orders, everyone has a part to play. This is the chance for your team to confront the best players the world has to offer and prove your worth.
  • Clans have always been a huge part of SOCOM. Details on what and how it will be managed will be laid out at a future date.

Clans Ladders:

  • Clans can participate in a clan ladder, where ranked clans can challenge those who are ranked above them and be challenged by those below them. Participation in the clan ladder is up to the clan leader and if given permission by the clan leader there officers as well.

more to come…