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Devblog 22

Community Eagle_One What’s up Project Confrontation Community! Hope everyone is doing well! Social media has been very active! I appreciate you keeping me busy! More back end work is being worked on so testing […]

Devblog 21

Community Eagle_One Welcome to Devblog #21 Project Confrontation Community! On a mission! We are making moves. I have been on a hunt to find passionate, creative and talented individuals who express […]

Devblog 20

Community Eagle_One Welcome back Project Confrontation Community! This week in community, we have been busy social media wise. Interaction has definitely picked up this month! Thank you all for your support […]

Devblog 19

Community Eagle_One Welcome to Devblog #19 Project C Community! We have hit a milestone in our steam group with a whopping 504 members! This is amazing, especially leading into alpha towards the end […]