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Project Confrontation Community!!

Digital Fire Podcast

We would like to thank the Digital Fire Podcast team for having us on there podcast earlier this week, great showing, with a ton of support! I will say this it is exciting to see the SOCOM community continue to show there support, especially for a group of passionate fellow Socomer’s who are trying to bring back a solid SOCOM style third person shooter to us all!! We were able to answer a lot of questions and discuss our direction. We hope everyone was able to watch and as progress is made we hope to again join the DFP when milestones are reached so that every Socomer, gamer, shooter fan can talk about, suggest and discuss Project Confrontation.

HUD Contest

We are excited to announce we are having a HUD contest for Project Confrontation!! That’s right we want to get you involved, SOCOM has opened up many doors and new adventures for Socomer’s and this is one of them.

Are you a artist? Do you have a great artistic design, third person shooter HUD kind of touch? Well, here is your chance to be a part of HISTORY and show off your skills in developing/creating a HUD for Project Confrontation.

We all know that a HUD is just as beneficial, as crucial as the kill itself! We are looking for a SOCOM look and feel with a next gen touch. Sleek, immersive, dynamic, translucent, whatever you got!?

We as a team are excited to bring the community together and bring out that competitive spirit that SOCOM brought out of everyone in game!

G^…Lets get it!!!

Here are some in game SS images for you to use to design your HUD around, three packs of low, medium and high light.
Download Here

A few rules and regulations for the “Project Confrontation HUD contest”.

1. 1 total submission. Submit your HUD through twitter/PM @ProjectC_tps or through email (please include your name, email and twitter name if you have one)
2. Once submitted you can not swap out or change your submission.
3. All submissions need to submitted by December 2nd 2016 at 8pm eastern
4. The TOP 5 entries will be chosen by the Project C Dev Team through the weekend of December 2nd-4th. The top 5 will be presented to the community starting Monday December 5th to vote for a winner. Voting will end on Friday December 9th at 1 eastern. The winner will be chosen by the community and announced through Devblog #15 (the community will get one vote and can not change their vote after entry).

The winning HUD will be used as the default HUD used in game.



Ladder Climb

Ladders are officially in, and it feels amazing. Map flow changes so much by having this type of functionality, not only in relation to Foxhole, but now future maps can be a lot more complex strategically. Ladder climb is set up with its very own stance logic, similar to how we have different stance logic with prone. Implementation into maps is super easy, as it only requires you to tag the model you want climbable as a “Ladder”. Ladder locomotion is set up in a way that’s very close to Socom Confrontation, once in a climbable state you can only move up and down the vertical axis, and the camera is locked at the point of the climb. I personally think this feels perfect, but I did have a few suggestions to allow the player control the camera in the climbable state. I will probably play around with this idea and see how it feels at a later date, but for now I will be moving on. I also designed it to only allow the player to have the option to climb if the player is close to the ladder and looking directly at it(raycast from the characters eyes). This should help combat people dropping the bomb right next to the ladder in order to slow other players down from having the ability to pick it back up.

Jump To Climb


This is still being worked on, and logic wise is very different from how ladders work. First off, ladders use a tagging system to identify the climbable locations, jump to climb on the other hand is a completely tagless system. All the the calculations for detecting ledges are done in realtime. The way it works is by shooting out three forward facing rays from the player at the same distance as one another (foot ray,  head ray,  and mid air ray). If the foot ray is being blocked by an object, but the head ray is not, then its a pretty safe bet that the player is standing in front of a half wall. Once we have that information we can continue to show the action UI for allowing the player to hop over that wall. Do you see where i’m going with this? This can be calculated jumping mid air as well. Foot, and head ray hits something , but mid air ray is not , and BAM you have a universal tagless jump to climb. Pretty simple stuff right? Well not exactly, because even if we know the correct timing to activate the climb animation we still need proper placement of hands to ledge. This is exactly where I am on this feature. IK placement would work really well for this, however if we want a tagless system, then IK wont do the trick here. The main reason why we don’t want a tagging system for jump to climb is because a person would literally need to place very specific colliders throughout each map in every area that a jump to climb would be possible. This would be extremely inefficient, and just straight up asinine.

I do have a few ideas on how I can achieve this correctly, but its going to take some extra time. I will have more information on this by the next devblog and hopefully have a finished first pass jump to climb feature.


I spent some time cleaning up old code for the movement scripts on the character, and bug fixes for a few of the issues our team has pointed out to me. I noticed some of our animations were incorrectly timed with the motion of the character, our prone roll was the most noticeable. The motion from point A to B would cause a rubber band effect, and it turned out to be from my lerp clamps never getting updated when we made the IK switch. This should now be fix with smooth transitions.

Camera collision got some improvements as well. It’s still not where it needs to be, but this will improve overtime especially once I start writing the logic for customizable camera perspectives.



Hello again everyone! I have a couple pieces to show you for this blog. I wish I could show you more completed weapons every blog! Unfortunately these weapons are WIP, and I think you rather see new stuff in development instead of old stuff in different stages. I will ‘at some point’ be doing SS of all weapons together as they are completed for each blog.

AK-47 WIP. This Will have different skin options.


And as a special request from Bigfry on the Digital Fire Podcast team, the RA-14! Just started it after podcast, very early mock up. This, and all weapons will have different skin options at a later point.


Testing some camo Mats.


Last, a mock up C4 pack.. Coming soon!




You may have noticed that we removed the tanks, and had to disable the grass for Foxhole. We found that both of these were causing serious performance issues. Don’t worry these will be put back into the map after a optimization pass is done by sour. It’s important to remember that Foxhole was our chance to work out all the little kinks that we may face in the future of map implementation. We are still learning as we go, and things will continue to improve with quality, performance, and efficiency.



Hello! Welcome back everybody!

It’s been a pleasure working on this project. These past two weeks has been a blast to say the least.

Everybody has been working very hard in delivering their best efforts towards this project, and that goes for myself as well. In this weeks dev blog, I’m going to be introducing some gun sound effects that are unique to each weapon.

So far, I managed to find some good content that I can work with.

I do say, it is a challenge to replicate unique gun fire, so I decided to improvise and make it my own.. pretty much what I think sounds good for a certain weapon.

There is a difference between composing sounds and engineering them. In my case, based off what i am working with, engineering a sound is what I do. To come close to the actual weapon itself when it fires has been successful.

Composing sounds will come soon enough and will be implemented later on in development.

First i would like to introduce the SCAR-L that has been implemented in the game but without its proper frequencies.


Note: Keep in mind that what you hear are single fire rounds.

Here is an example:

This sounds not so much like the SCAR-L that we are all use to hearing in videos or even in real life
and that’s because the sound being used is just a place holder.

This is the SCAR-L with its proper frequencies and close to what I think the SCAR-L should sound like.

Updated example:

Now that sounds a whole lot better!!

Next, I would like to introduce the M4A1 assault rifle with and without a silencer, but without its proper frequencies again.


Here is an example:
–Without silencer

–With silencer

This is what I managed to come up with.

Updated example:
–Without silencer

–With silencer

Compared to the original sound that was being used, you can definitely hear a difference,
which is why I am uploading both sounds so you guys can hear the transition being made here.

I am also working on making each gun have their own unique silencer sound,
because I think it would be silly just to use the same silencer sound for each weapon.

In the end, each gun will have their own distinctive sound as in where you can tell which gun your enemy or ally is using and whether or not their gun has any attachments on it.

As much as I want to introduce more content that I have completed for the project, I’m not going to be posting the rest of the work I have done on this weeks dev blog.

If you guys want to know what is going to be implemented very soon, here is a list of what they are.

-Character Movements
-Menu Pop Up
-Mic indication
-Voice Over (HQ)
-Weapon Switch

and the list goes on.

The team has been very busy with every aspect of the game to make it enjoyable and so far they are doing a great job.

My last piece of content is two soundtracks I made for our map “Foxhole” and for our lobby music.

Every day I see something new and it makes me strive harder for the project because I want not only myself, but everyone else to experience what we experience on a every day bases, and that’s the joy of playing Project Confrontation.

The community’s support for the project keeps our heads high and motivated to deliver our best work to you guys.

Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to catch up on the exciting news of Project Confrontation.

There is still a lot of work that has to be done and will be finalized by the time the game is in its final stages.
So if anybody hears any error in regards to what something sounds like,
please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below stating your opinion.
Again, I am open to feedback and suggestions.




Updated Foxhole
Fixed bug with sticky buttons re-firing on release
Added climbable ladder logic
Added ladder climb idle animation
Added vertical ladder climb animation
Second pass prone and crouch logic
Fixed prone roll speeds
Fixed forward left and right jumps
Added full body strafe
Added IK sprint animations
Fixed close offsets for camera collision
Removed tanks – Temp
Removed grass – Temp
Optimization 70% fps gains
Fixed foxhole bunker foliage blocking bullets
Added bunker foliage animations
Added Hell sound to foxhole
Added updated C14 sound
Added updated DE.50 sound
Added updated M4A1 sound
Added updated ScarL sound
Added updated silencer sound
Disabled primary to secondary swap logic
Added updated mp7 sound
Added updated p90 sound
Fixed jump animation on non WIP character
Lowered sprint speed on WIP character
Fixed networked suppressor sound
Fixed sprint locking

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