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Devblog 18


Welcome to Devblog #18

Thank you for joining us for this weeks Devblog! The ProjectCDevTeam has some work to show you below, good stuff as always! First, I would like to shed some light and show some love in this weeks community news for our SOCOM/ProjectC community. The boys from TRS have made some strides as of late with xlink and of course showing there support for Project C. Yes the waiting game in development of a full game, especially for us Socom hungry gamers, is a daunting task to remain patient and continue the grind in hopes of a next gen SOCOM! The spotlight this week is “XLINK”, this is our safe haven for that SOCOM fix as development continues.

As we prepare Project Confrontation for streaming and get ready to G^ so that you can see first hand live what we have been working on and/or just running around shooting each other in the face in our streams, there is a lot going on around the community in driving our first joy ride “SOCOM” and showcasing to the world how great it was, still is and how Project Confrontation is trying to capture that excitement again!

As we try and capture the essence of this once great series SOCOM in Project Confrontation, there is plenty going on within the community. The remaster and xlink push has gained some momentum as of late due to some great community members! Go out and support SOCOM and make sure to let the world know that third person shooters like SOCOM are here to stay and will come alive!!

Get your xlink hook ups and deals on where to get the loadout you need to hook up xlink at The Real SOCOM website here

Follow/Thanks to SkiMask, MR. BLONDE, Tawok, AMAZNblue, JakePlier, SOCOMOLOGIST on twitch and see some SOCOM streams, there are probably a few more I missed sorry about that, just follow the guys and or The Real SOCOM website for more info.






Jump To Climb

Yup its finally in! Believe it or not, jump to climb has been in for a while, however once I started working on weapons a few months back it kinda just sat there unfinished. Now that I am back working on characters again I figured now would be the perfect time revisit jump to climb. I have already gone over how our climb system works in good detail from previous devblogs, but if it would interest you, check here.

My main focus over this past week has been brainstorming ideas and concepts to make the climb more accurate, and to have an “almost” procedural animation set that plays based on the objects around the character. When I say procedural, what I mean is having unique animations play based on the characters relative position vs object and player input. We dont want to have the character play the same animation for a jump to climb as he would for a half wall, so lots of math and code is getting thrown at this issue, and it will likely be my main focus over the next few weeks. I do have some ideas floating around my head on how to implement this, i’ll share my thoughts on it next time.

This is a feature I know the community loves, and have wanted for the longest time, so I wont rush it.



Hello everyone!!  For this round we are trying something new. I’m now importing my models for you to rotate, zoom in and out, and examine. It’s a great and fun feature to add to the blog. Lets you get up close and personal with things you will see in game. More to come! We are also improving our graphic abilities as we go. Here are some of what I’ve been working\improving on.

Airline chair WIP


I’ve been working on our exploding door and wall animation’s. We can start adding breachable areas to Geronimo! This is one of them in Slow Mo….

This is the is one of the floors of the main building of our Geronimo map.

Thank you for all the love, support, and feedback!


What’s up Lady’s and Gents welcome back to the dev blog…

Not much going on with Foxhole since the last dev blog mostly just cleanup and lots of small adjustments and improvements

As some may have seen I put out a video it was just a slow walk around the map.

I did have some feedback about the size…

this will be most of what we talk about in todays dev blog.

Foxhole started out at 500m X 500m, we quickly knew that was way too big so its now roughly 210m x 210m.

Now that so far seems perfect because of the sprint but could change once we test in a full game mode

Here are some sprint times

Spawn point to the center where I can toss a grenade at the other team is a 18-20 second sprint..

SEALs to terrorist spawn is a 36-40 second sprint

Here is the Flythrough video…sorry for the bad flying..






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I hope you guys go Full steam this would be so great and the one day you guys succeed don’t let Sony do to you what they did to zipper, just seeing this makes me that confident


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