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Welcome to Devblog #19 Project C Community!

We have hit a milestone in our steam group with a whopping 504 members! This is amazing, especially leading into alpha towards the end of the year. Thank you all for the early support, this keeps us motivated and focused on delivering a solid TPS! You guys rock!

We have made some changes/additions to the dev team. Although change is difficult, we felt it was best for the game. This team needs to work like a puzzle, be on the same page and come up with development decisions together as a team and make it all work at the end. With the addition of our new UI guy and Programmer, these changes will give us a better look and speed up our development progress.

With out further ado, our new devs…

Rev- 2D Artist,

Everyone should know Rev from the SOCOM movement and the TRS forum! He is the design expert over at TRS. Not only has he designed our new “Game box art ready logo” he will be redesigning our HUD and UI! We are excited to see what Rev brings to the table. He has dived into Unity to learn how to implement his work himself, not only is he a fast learner, I am impressed with Rev and his ability to adapt to this learning curve. We are extremely excited to see what he designs and what he implements!

Aaronsnobel- Programmer

Adding a programmer/engineer is key to us moving forward and seeing more progress and giving Sour a right hand man in knocking this out!

Aaron will be working on game modes, demolition is first up to bat! To get game modes in is beneficial to our mappers as they develop there maps with a game mode in mind and see exactly where some final changes if any, need to be made.

Welcome our new devs and thank you for the support!


…road to Alpha!




Jump To Climb

Jump to climb is very close to a final version, it still needs a lot of polish with “exact” hand and finger placement(I’ll get to that further down), but all the hard stuff is out of the way now. One of the issues I ran into over the past two weeks was determining an object’s height in worldspace. Using a simple raycast to get object info just was not enough, because when you ask unity about an object’s size in code you will likely get something like (x=1,y=1,z=1) returned.

Unity is basically returning the scale of an object, however in worldspace this is pretty useless. Two objects with the same scale can have very different height values in worldspace. Why is this important, well let’s say you jump, and at the very maximum height of that jump you activate a climb. Ok the climb looks great it matches up with the ledge, but now let’s say you trigger a climb on the same object, but this time it gets triggered right as the player is starting to descend from that jump, now the climb animation plays but the height that the climb pulls you up no longer matches up to the object and the climb fails.


My work around for this was to shoot a raycast at the object, and have a empty object follow along the y axis of the object’s collider until the ray no longer detects an object. This kills two birds with one stone, because not only do we get the correct height that the climb should lift the player, but we also can reuse the empty object for hand placement, so I made a left hand empty and a right hand empty that will follow along the y axis of an object.

Now we have a basic idea of how high the climb should elevate the player, and a idea of where the hands should be placed on the climbable object, however we still need to hook up the IK for that perfect hand and finger placement. Even without the IK I am pretty satisfied with where the J2C is, so I may start to split my time on other things, and worry about the polish of this a little later.


This weekend i’m going to try and pour as much time as I can into networking the new characters, and finishing up the rest of the database stuff which should not take me long since its already done, I just need to make the connections to the UI for usernames and stats.

3D Modelers/Texture Artists



Welcome to Devblog #19! I have been busy at work as of late but managed to sink my hands into new programs to better the quality of our assets. As for Geronimo, it is still in a early state, between learning new programs, making assets and buildings, not to mention breakables for our breaches, the map is taking longer then expected. That’s ok, don’t want to rush anything right!

We have added placeholder breakables along some parts of the outer walls of Geronimo to test blast and how they would look after the blast with blown up edges.

Here is a early WIP of the blast

Here is a early WIP of the breached section of the wall




Welcome back!!

Over the last few weeks we have been busy working on Foxhole. Lets walk through some of the things we did.

Myself, I decided to try some modeling as some have seen in my twitter posts!

Below are my best and first attempt at a modern AA gun an a jet engine, be nice now give me some time its going to get better…



Besides the modeling we have been busy adding all the tents back into the project after a small repair Harry made to them.

This was a opportunity for us to delete all the beds and tables and start fresh and add some new props into the map.

We have also setup the areas for the demo mode when the time comes for us to implement it!

Some may have also noticed we changed the time of day this should make for some better screen shots and brighten up the look.

Moving forward the focus for the next few weeks will be on learning a new software we added and making all new trees with SpeedTree..

This should give us a big boost in performance! with speedtree you can change the render quality with distance, this will let us up the graphics on the trees, grass, bushes, vines and not hurt the performance.

Below are some trees we were working on… the plan is to curve them to block you from a area of view in the map and possibly climb onto. We will test how that plays out.


2D Artists


Hey guys, glad to be on board here helping to bring back a great SOCOM experience. Here’s some cool stuff…


A few things created as far as branding for ProjectC.


We’ve been messing around with what we initially had for our HUD. The first image below is the first concept, the second has some slight changes. Let us know which you like!


There isn’t much in terms of UI to show off other than the HUD you see above which is currently being implemented into Unity.

The UI and menus that you have seen in Project C are going to be redone from scratch. We want to bring you guys a fresh and modern design that looks sleek and clean. More to show on that in a few weeks!

Take care guys.

Sound Design



What’s up everybody! I know it has been a while since you guys heard anything new brought to the table, so here you go..

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done and nothing is final until the team is happy with what they hear. In the near future, there are going to be some changes with the user interface and how it looks, so I’m also trying to work around that so I could bring the feel for our game. If you guys feel as though this track is in the right path with how the game looks, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment stating what you think. I’m open to suggestions.


I’m glad to say that we do have some awesome looking maps that are in the works which means I got some work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, I do not have any material that focuses on the environment in regards to the new maps other then the one I did for Foxhole. If any of you guys missed the dev blog where I posted this, you can find it here -> Project Confrontation Dev Blog 13.


Yes! Yes! and Super Yes!. Thanks to a recent upgrade in unity, I am now able to focus more on characters and how they’re going to sound after sprinting or holding their breath while sniping and so much more. I literally can test out different sounds without having to wait on anybody to do it for me, so this is awesome to me! I have a bunch of sounds ready to be implemented and tested to see how it flows with other sounds in game and if everything works out, then expect characters to sound alive and ready for war!


There are going to be a whole new set of guns sounds that I’m going to be implementing. When it comes to Project Confrontation, I want the best quality we can get. When it comes to the sound of the weapons in our game, in my opinion, it’s one of the most important sounds for a game like ours to have. I want our players to distinctively tell what weapon he/she is being shot with also where he/she is being shot from. This will enhance the game play to a more strategic way to play with a team. There’s going to be a lot of work that is going to get put into this method but it is definitely worth it. Good day everyone!


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