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Devblog 20



Welcome back Project Confrontation Community!

This week in community, we have been busy social media wise. Interaction has definitely picked up this month! Thank you all for your support and interest, its humbling, grateful and exciting!!

We were invited to be guest on the Spicy Sausage Podcast hosted by Tawok, SkiMask and MR.BLONDE. These guys have been great and doing great things for the SOCOM community! That was a great interview and opportunity to get to know the dev team and catch up on development!

A community member asked if we are worried if Sony were to feed off the waves that our Project has picked up on as of late, start showing some type of interest and reviving there series? We are not worried about that for as of right now there is no news and we are building our own name and brand! We can not slow down due to uncertainty, uncertainty is the reason behind our passion and purpose!

There is also talk of us releasing on XBOX first. Just in discussion. We know who and where our fan base is. This Project is for you the Socomers with intentions to gain new Socomers/gamers/shooter fans every where! We will do all and everything we can to get Project C released on the PS4 first. That’s our bread and butter, that is where we take off right off the back, that is where we G^ just like old times! We know where we need to be!

Back to business, we have the Spicy Sausage Podcast with the ProjectCDevTeam video below and check out the rest of Devblog #20, more progress and great work by the team…G^




The last few weeks I have been working on character networking and UI. Amongst other things, its been clean up and polishing. Setting up what the other devs work on and implementing some of there work. Short but sweet! The rest of the team has some good content to show. Thanks for the support and see you next Devblog!


As a developer on project C I am currently testing my latest scripts for the game mode enabled lobby/ Room Lobby, and am looking forward to releasing this code for testing.

The Lobby will allow gamers to green up, switch teams, list off stats about the chosen map and display gamers rank.

3D Modelers/Texture Artists


Hello again everyone! For the past 2 weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time on Geronimo(our second map). I have made progress painting some of the outside walls of the compound with Substance painter. It takes a lot of time to hand paint everything to give it a one of a kind look. Painting will be an ongoing process so you may see placeholder textures until final painting is complete.

I’ve also started to model and place more assets in the surrounding area of the compound. I am trying to build it as close to real scale, and look, as possible but adding more elements and assets for good gameplay. This map will have multiple ways to get around the compound and many breach points. Everything is subject to change as we get further into testing it. Here are some W.I.P. SS!

I have been looking into camera FX as well over the last few days. Here is a very early WIP of Night vision.

Thanks everyone! See you in the next one….




Welcome back and I hope everyone has or had a great spring break.

Lets jump right into my last few weeks of development.

Most of my time was spent playing around with speedtree, I made a bunch of new trees, grass and vines. The speedtree software is great and will make for better maps.

Here is some grass and vines I made… Now I’m just testing, so this will be adjusted as we go so keep that in mind as I went a bit crazy with the grass and vines.

The last few days, Harrydangler and I have spent some time working on the graphics so we are hoping it shows in this weeks dev blog. We still have tons of stuff to retexture but that process has started so away we go.

Some of the biggest changes were to the skybox, ground, textures and water color.

2D Artists



What’s up everyone. Since the last devblog I have been working on a few different design elements for Project Con, mostly the new overhauled UI, so I don’t have much HUD wise to show. I did manage to make up a concept scope. We plan on having several different scopes for zoom levels, but here is the first initial design.

Also here’s an early look at binoculars as well…

In the future I will have more HUD stuff to show off once we’ve got a good chunk of it integrated into Unity.


As I mentioned, the past few weeks i’ve been putting most of my focus on the UI, since it was in desperate need of an overhaul. Below i’m going to post some photoshop concepts that i’ve made for various pages. Certain elements might change, but the overall feel I’m really digging. Also please take note that many images you see on ,for example, the main menu are just filler for the time being, obviously we can’t use SOCOM Confrontation images within’ our game. Enjoy!


Also, I have been doing some textures here and there for the guys. Here’s an example of the helipad on Foxhole.

Here is the texture within the map.

See you guys in a few weeks!




8 thoughts on “Devblog 20


Looks sharp, man I want to play this game online! Thanks for your effort, cant wait to reward you guys for it 🙂


Make lighter maps. The ones you have showed are too dark. The new map with the compound looks like where Bin Laden was captured. Otherwise good WIP.


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