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We are opening up donation options to the community. We get asked a lot how people can donate, and even get flack for not allowing people to contribute financially. Well, now you can. We added a button to our right sidebar that will allow you to contribute what ever amount you choose. Now this does not mean that without the donations development will stop any way. With or without them we will keep working. We are not asking for your donation, but if you like what you have seen, and want to support the team efforts then you are more than welcome to.

Let’s talk a little about how these donations will be used. I’m going to break it down into the things that cost us money, and would help speed up the development process.


Time is something that is limited to all of us. We do our best to dedicate as much as we can to the project, but things can change fast. Family, work, health, etc can all affect the amount of time we put in. Being financially sound could allow us to be a lot more stable, and possibly allow us to consider this a full time job. More time into the project drastically increases the speed at which it can be developed, and pushed out to you. This not only includes initial development, but also future development with the speed we can provide patches to issues found.


When we talk about servers, and the cost we need to take into consideration that the game has two separate servers. We have our web server, and our game server. The web server hosts things like this website, player names, clans, ranks, and ladder information. The game server is what handles all the hit detection, updating player positions, timers, physics, etc. As far as the webserver is concerned, it cost about $150 a year to maintain the hosting plus domain costs, and should not need any type of upgrades for a very long time.

The game server is a little more expensive. When we are ready to go public we will need to upgrade our concurrent user slots (CCU). Right now we have 20 slots available that are being used for our development team and testers. The plan is to only spend money here where we need it. Slowly increase these slots based on our player base. For a extra 100 CCU slots its around $100 (One time fee). This will likely be our limit when we decide to roll out a private release of the game. The private release will be used to work out bugs, balancing issues, and just overall polish of the game. I guess you could consider the private release to be our own version of early access. Once this phase is complete, and we are ready for full public release, the game server will need another upgrade. Now we start running into the monthly subscriptions. For an extra 1000 CCU slots its around $200 monthly. I think this will be good enough for our initial player base, and we can always upgrade to larger packages as time goes on if and when we need it.

Development Tools

There are quite a few tools that could speed up development and improve the overall quality in general. Better software, audio equipment, mocap tools. These are all things that may not be necessary for development, but can certainly improve the quality of our work.

Console Releases

Everyone wants a console release, we understand this, and we truly believe we can get this on consoles but… Yep there is always a ‘but’. There are a few things we would need to do first. Sony requires that you be incorporated to self publish on their platform. This would require us to start a official studio, and obtain a tax ID. You can find more information about this HERE.

As far as what the overall costs for this would be is a mystery. Sony has NDAs in place to stop developers from discussing these costs openly. Without having the money to incorporate, and joining as a self publisher there is no way of really knowing what its going to cost. We can speculate costs, but that’s no good. The plan was to incorporate after the game was complete on PC, but if we happen to see a large financial interest before the game is complete, then we will focus all resources into the Sony platforms.



4 thoughts on “Donations


Sounds awesome. Might be a hard sell tho after the other game developer promising a “socom like” game gouged A lot of Playstation players before socom servers shut down. , ppl upset behind that deal. But hey I’m in, so How do we get our hands on beta when that time comes.. donations, a lottery type drawing or what? I want in!


Me parece muy bien que el juego sea totalmente gratuito para todo el mundo,esto creo que es la mejor forma de empezar un proyecto.
Pero para que se vea recompensado todo vuestro trabajo,lo suyo es que cuando el juego salga ya terminado en pc hayan accesorios como ,armas,trajes,soldados,terroristas etc,etc.. que se tengan que comprar si deseas tenerlo y así es una manera de empezar a cobrar por todo vuestro esfuerzo.


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