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How much will the game cost when released to the public?

Nothing. The full game will be completely free to play. This includes alphas, betas, and full release.

When will the game be released to the public?

A public alpha “should” be available late 2017, but this may change.

What platforms will the game be released on?

Game will launch on PC first with a possible port to major consoles, and Mac in the future.

Will the game be on steam greenlight?

Yes, but not until the game is in alpha.

Is this a Socom clone?

No. The game will have similarities to Socom, but will be able to stand as its own game.

How is the project being funded?

The game is being made as a hobby with the help from community members, so funding is not necessary.

Will there be micro transactions?

Yes, I will offer customizable skins that will only have cosmetic effects. These will always be optional.

How can I become a tester for dev builds?

Currently all tester slots are filled up, and we are no longer accepting entries. 

How can I contribute to the project?

Contact me on twitter, and we can discuss how you might be able to contribute. Twitter: @PC_SourPatch

Can I donate to the project?

Please read HERE for more information.


Will there be jump to climb?


Will there be dive to prone?


Will there be sprinting?


Will there be a cover system?


Will there be encumbrance?


Will there be proximity chat?




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