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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Socom Needs to Come Back


This is my opinion on why the classic socom will never be brought back.

1. No 3rd person shooter will never be considered a elite gaming when it comes to read and react. the videos I see about true read and react is from Counter Strike and Rainbow Six because 1 its first person and 2 you die rather quickly with a couple of well placed shots. (in my opinion Confrontation did a rather interesting route that created the read and react wast the only Over The Shoulder view(maybe like 110 Degrees of view?) but when they introduced classic view it brought it back to the 180 Degrees which covered from both left to right. Its rather comforting that I would be able to see whats around me from left to right, but whats really comfort? comfort of finding the right place in the map to have field of view to wall bang safely and still have the jump on those who want to make a move in open space.

2. Classic Socom was perceived as a arcade shooter when it really wasn’t, Socom 1 had pretty good coverage on 2-3 body shots to take someone down and it was pretty spot on when the server registered it, when Socom 2 came around it was more popular and the servers were really bad at registering the shots making it more of a arcade game to keep moving and never stop feeling like you can sponge 4-5 shots. hence why the fast pace- live on the edge of a blade players were created.

Confrontation did a lot of good things IMO and I knew it was the only way to bring it to elite gaming world but I feared that Sony rushed Slant Six it way too fast and it was a big jump from Socom2,3Ca arcade platform to jump right into a nitty gritty socom that had no where else to go but up. The sprint button was needed, it was poorly executed with all the button jam ups, the physics of running over a rock while throwing a nade canceled the throw.

The outstanding changes I noticed was:
the new player physics, your character had actual different speeds on how much you were carrying, what type of armour load out you had, I wished they had a dynamic weight system to if you were to throw your nades you would lose in game at the moment weight to make you move faster then what you loaded out with, also making you heavier if you picked up a different heavier gun or more items like AT4 or c4/claymores till you used them.

Gun Blocking, Long barreled rifles couldnt shoot until they had to step away from what was in front of them to fully raise and start shooting, SMG and Pistols dominated the CQC realm if you knew how to stay with them and disengage at the right moment.

The Player to Gun to cross-hair relationship: no one ever noticed it because there was no practice mode so you couldn’t really see how the guns shot, how the invisible in game Barrel of the gun was dragged or left behind your actual cross-hair. When you attached a laser on the weapon you could see it leaving your cross-hair alone and just strafing left and right you could see that the laser was behind it so saying this you had to lead your target when moving around and doing the usual strafe tactic to kill someone or to beat around a corner, also making you correct your controller looking analog to lead the shot.

All in all I felt that Zipper or David Sears didnt know what they were doing and MAG and Socom 4 was just a product that you can rate.

Seth Luisi had much more concepts and seemed to know how to implement them, this is on his bio:

Senior Producer, Producer, Associate Producer, Assistant Producer
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
May 1994 – 2007 (13 years)San Francisco Bay Area
Responsible for the production and simultaneous global release of multiple AAA core game titles. Created original concept for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, identified and signed the development studio and directly managed the development of the SOCOM franchise; a 10 million+ unit seller. Innovated new technology and created relationships with hardware teams, software teams and technology vendors in order to enhance the quality of the game titles. Worked with development and production teams in Europe and Japan to localize, market and release in North America over 30 titles on PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

The dude got shat on by Us and Zipper, I will tell you I was all caught up in the emotions of a half baked game and pointed my finger but I ended up liking what we had even after MAG and Socom 4 came out, it never felt the same since Confrontation Servers were taken down….




Sorry for my bad english but for me the reason is simple, since the end of socom confrontation in 2008/2009 I tried all the possible and imaginable shooters on console and PC, I regret but they were just as bad as the others, none happened to him At the ankle, none, i hate R6 vegas, Bad company 2, bf3 / 4 and bf1 etc …

Every time I told myself ” another new shit online ” and it has always been true.

And I know full well that it’s the same for all the old ps3 confrontation players, not 1 could say the opposite.


Yes bring back Socom1 or 2! Best shooter by far and it might gel all down this ADHD generation of reapawn players who like to run out get killed and respawn!


    Original Socom cannot be matched. They can keep the bells and whistles and graphics and stuff. Give me Socom back.


I Stopped playing games after socom went down. No new games can really satisfy me like socom did….(I sound like a drug user haha)


Socom II had the best mechanics, the damage modified speed, where your wounds physically slowed your character, and the best map assortment. Respawn titles only engage players on reflex, Socom engages the whole mind as well as your reflexes. Let’s bring back a game that not only delivers entertainment but promotes true tactical insight where every round creates new challenges and scenarios that players may have never encountered before. I have played them all and hands down would say S2 and Confrontation were the most well rounded of the Franchise….until the Tilly and Vera were released into action. Sorry to everyone who ended up with their face in front of my Vera. 😛 Top 1k Captain Rank from S2, 2700 hours with no cheats. Bring it back!!!


    Haha!! I couldn’t agree more!! Thanks for the comment! S2 and Confrontation in my book are neck to neck tied at the top!! Stay involved, spread the word…thanks for the support!


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